You missed a major blockchain project with a focus on governance: Decred. It is almost hilarious how people miss this project, or purposefully leave it out of their analysis. Decred even has its own constitution.

What is more, the Decred blockchain is already live, and:

  1. Allows stakeholders to vote for or against proposed changes to the Decred blockchain. If stakeholders vote in support of a change, the chain will fork and the new features become active automatically.
  2. Provides a mechanism for stakeholders to keep check of nonconforming PoW miners. Stakeholders can vote a block invalid even if it conforms to the consensus rules of the network. This allows stakeholders to discourage unfavorable mining behavior such as mining empty blocks.
  3. Allows holders of Decred to participate in the voting process and rewards each successful vote with a share from the block subsidy.

Read more about Decred, a truly autonomous digital currency!

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