Blockchain governance community

This is a great article on blockchain governance, thank you for writing it! In the conclusion you mention:

Going forward, we will be looking out for blockchain communities with open, fluid governance, and a proven tendency to translate speculative energy into a concrete developer opportunity. And perhaps most importantly, we will be looking for communities tied together by a compelling, inspiring story.

One of the projects that is primarily focused on blockchain governance is Decred. I recommend you to check out this page of the Decred docs:

Furthermore, this article is a great read on how Decred has improved the governance system of pure PoW networks:

The story of Decred started with the developers of btcsuite, who realized that governance was one of the main organizational problems of Bitcoin. If you want to read more about Decred’s background, I recommend this post:

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Telegram, or join the Decred community on social media!

Decred has an active community with a focus on blockchain governance.

I ask questions and search for solutions.

I ask questions and search for solutions.